Ghost Diary

Alt title: Kaidan Nikki

Vol: 3; Ch: 16
2014 - 2015
3.414 out of 5 from 47 votes
Rank #32,758
Ghost Diary

Sukami Kyouichi comes from a family of exorcists, the strongest of whom has always been his sister, who keeps a special notebook by her side that details how to defeat even the most malevolent of ghosts. One day, shortly after his sister rescues young Kyouichi from a haunted shrine, she goes missing. Six years later, with only the notebook as his guide, Kyouichi is confronted by someone claiming to have been his sister’s friend. Who is this stranger, and what does she know about his sister’s disappearance?

Source: Seven Seas

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0.5 Stars*content warning: Review contains descriptions of sexual violence/sexual harassment against characters in the manga.I hated this. Here are some of the reasons why:-Fan service: I understand that this is popular in media and manga. Still, it is just not for me and I'm not a fan of it. I hate when there is a unnecessary sexualization of characters. -The incest jokes/vibes: Throughout the story there is a lot of talk about how Sukami Kyouichi feels attracted to his sister. He apparently gets turned on by her. It's played like a joke and Kyouichi is constantly blushing whenever he thinks of his sister and his feelings for her play as a major motivation to him finding her. There is also a kiss on the lips shared between them. -Characters constantly talking about women's body: This story feels very humorous at times and there is a lot of unneeded talk about a person's chest, butt, body, curves, etc. -Kyouichi being sexually harassed yet it was played like a joke: Being groped and touched without his well is a serious matter, it shouldn't be something that feels as if its only meant to push the plot forward. -Sexual violence against another character: She gets molested by a man who looks like a boy. Who pins her to a tree, threatens/plans to kill her but first hopes to take her virginity. He proceeds to undress her and gropes her breasts while kissing them. He also takes photos of her body and plans to film videos of her. Then the protagonist swoops in to save her and that scene ends. A scene that feels as if its supposed to push forward their possible romance ensues straight after, which is terribly inappropriate after something terrible happened. -The plot: It felt all over the place with an odd mixture of darker themes and ill-timed humor. The plot felt choppy and odd.Final verdict: Will not continue with this manga trilogy.

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