Get Schooled

Alt titles: Chamgyoyuk, True Education

Ch: 111+
2020 - ?
4.543 out of 5 from 1,068 votes
Rank #479
Get Schooled

Hwajin Na’s teaching techniques are pretty violent for someone who works in the Ministry of Education. That being said, when punishments don't seem to work on even the worst of school bullies, there is no better man for the job. Sometimes you can’t get a good education until those bullies are taught a lesson.

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Do you like violence? Of course you do. Seeing someone get knocked on their ass and plead for mercy to a dude with more strength is a power-trip. And power-trips are awesome!  Sadly not this one. The main plotline- <korean schooling system is filled with loop-holes where those loop-holes allow the students and the teachers to abuse people around them. But here comes the educational correction comittee (forgot it's name, but it's something like that) where the members are allowed to use any means necescery to fix problems in the students educational life.> So the MC goes around beating any students, teachers and a few others who he deems need some reforming.  The guys getting beaten are despicable and unlikable and have committed crimes and the fellas who got hurt because of the bad guys become happy. So what gives, why is this power-fantasy not to my liking? The moral implications. This manhwa never says who trully is at fault: is it the system? the upbringing? the person? the culture? The answer is never clear, they play around by shifting blame to a different entity each time and fill the scenes with hair-ripping, head-kicking and other acts of violence. Even MC's violence gets an attempt to get softened with his sister was killed because of a bully. No in my opinion a story should be descisive in telling what is right and wrong and should atleast attempt to make it less than "PREPUBESCENT ADULT BEATDOWN 4000 SUPER EXTREME 2.0". I like my action and stuff, but this got more and more ridiculous with each passing chapter (there are 44 chapters during the writing of this review) and seeing a scene where a convict (who get's charged with indirect murder) gets released to beat their EVIL teacher and contemplate "Murder or no murder" in sight of the examplary protagonist is a joke. Up to that point you see the convict character attempt to scar a teacher and in this character's friends refusal to be a part of it, this person wounds the friend instead. Basically a PSYCHO. But they attempt to give you this bullshit of "well she got bullied and the teacher abused her and she didn't go to the school she wanted so that is why she is so deeply hurt that now she is sadistic. That is why you should feel a little for her". This is just 1 arc of the story but being up to the newest chapters, I don't see any redeeming qualities in characters except the fact, that the main cast is cool. Pfffftt.....  I really blew off some steam there. Well finishing statement: "A story has no right to preach morals, where the main cast beat people who abuse the system repeatably by using their position as education correctors. In short they punish those who abuse a system by abusing another system and to me, that is vile" Respond if you may. I'm open to hear other's opinions and maybe getting my own (opinion) changed.

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