Genkaigoe no Skill wa, Tenseisha ni shika Atsukaenai: Over Limit Skill Holder

Alt title: Over Limit Skill Holder: Only the Reincarnated Can Conquer the “Over Limited Skill Orb”

Vol: 2+; Ch: 15+
2020 - ?
3.88 out of 5 from 104 votes
Rank #13,088
Genkaigoe no Skill wa, Tenseisha ni shika Atsukaenai: Over Limit Skill Holder

"Every person has an equal amount of Holders. which occupies a single slot is fine, but rare skills could occupy 4, 5, or even all of your 8 slots." That’s what Old Man Hinga told me at the Orb Mine where they were unearthed. However, us “slaves” were unable to acquire skills under the effect of contract magic. It was on that fateful day. The noble who owns the mine, our “master” came to inspect the Orb Mine but the ceiling collapsed due to an earthquake and a lump of rock struck the noble’s head. The death of the noble is also the moment when our contract magic disappeared. The quick-witted slaves ran towards the warehouse where the Skill Orbs are stored. Then, taking away the rare skills, cleaving down the guards with unbelievable ability and magic, we leaped out of the mine. It was a riot. Late to the scene, there were no orbs I could pick up... It’s over. I’m going to become a slave again. In my time of despair, what I saw was the skill that occupies 10 Skill Holders, the “World Ruler”.

Source: NU

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This manga is pretty pleasant. I really enjoyed the artwork and the protagonist Reiji just seems like a sweet little kid. Reiji does become immediately overpowered because of the "World Ruler" skill, though I appreciate how there are still some limits to feir ability to use feir new powers. The skill itself does two things: 1) it provides Reiji with information, and 2) it allows Reiji to copy the skills fe's seen others use. The first ability is limited by Reiji's knowledge of what types of questions to ask and stuff. The second ability is limited by Reiji's physical stamina and magical power reserves. Currently, the main thing Reiji wants to use feir powers for is to help cure a companion from a petrification curse, which is a sweet little selfless thing to aim for. Other than that, Reiji wants to reconnect with the slave girl Lark. I'm liking the characters and the setting of the world so far. I appreciate that the reason why reincarnators are more powerful than native-worlders is actually explained and the explanation felt completely sensible. The story's alright, but honestly it isn't anything amazing. I imagine it'll continue to be largely wholesome friendship-making with some magical fights for good measure, where Reiji will hopefully be able to show off some of feir powers. I hope the manga leans into the more creative problem-solving side of things (where Reiji would still be kinda struggling), rather than just going for the full overpowered domination route. [Reviewed at chapter 10]

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