Gekkan Manga NEW Sekai no Denki: Anne Frank - Custom lists

Gekkan Manga NEW Sekai no Denki: Anne Frank
  • All Color Manga de Yomu: Shitte Okubeki Sekai no Ijin
  • Akaneko no Akuma
  • 556 Lab
  • 4-saiji to Tanuki
  • 1-nen 3-kumi Nyanpachi Sensei!

Kid Friendly Manga That Would Be Great to See Licensed! by themangalibrarian

These are titles that would do wonderful in an elementary library but are not available in English. (This is based on available information about the series in list.)

  • Aien Catharsis
  • Afrika Gundan
  • Aa Taiheiyou: Mizuki Shigeru Senki Senshuu
  • 1945
  • 100 Strange Nights

Early 20th Century (manga) by AnnaSartin

These stories take place in the first half of the 20th century, between the years 1900-1949. Notable events from this time period include the invention of the airplane, both world wars (including the Holocaust and bombing of...