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GE: Good Ending
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Feb 18, 2013

Good Ending certainly has a good story but contrary to it's name, does not have a good ending. The story is amazing, heart wrenching, and tear jerking, I found myself many times with  my eyes watering at this realistic(kind of) love story. I absolutely loved it, the characters were well portrayed and each one had a unique story. The art though was a little bit odd for me as I usually select my manga reads based on the initial art (admittedly). I think this story is a must read if you can get past the terribly rushed ending. It is almost as though the manga was axed and had to be wrapped up in a chapter or 2. It was going so well, finally overcoming the single obstacle that had been there for like 35 chapters (which was admittedly trying my patience) I thought the story was finally going to go somewhere. Well boy was I right, it hops right into it, rushing all the way to the end in the span of 3 chapters, the final 2 chapters covered so much content in so few pages they could've easily made 20-30 more chapters out of it. Either way, they must've caught wind of the story getting dry and stale like Kimi no Iru Machi and decided to play it safe. You'll fall head over heels for this manga if you like a good story, but you'll bash your brain out on the table at the stupidity of some of the characters (like all good stories).

10/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
8.7/10 overall
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Oct 27, 2014

Warning: contains spoilers -> Don't read if you don't have to.

From the beginning i got hooked into the story. I was in the mood for some lovey-dovey manga, and this one seemed the right one! So much happening between the characters and so much misunderstanding. One thing is for sure, the love is real here. There were some moments i just didn't want to continue because i was afraid of what will happen next. I felt their pain and emotion in a realistic way and it was overall such a sweet connection between them.

Unfortunately there is a but(t). It says Good Ending, and certainly this is what you will receive. Though, you won't feel the chemistry of love by then. Why? Because it's simply rushed. So much is happening in the last couple of chapters. And not even rushed in a good way! But rushed in the most cliche way i can imagine for a love story. I mean it's like the first 120 chapters were like good passionate sex, and then the last 36 chapters were like 3 minute porn videos.
We get an amazing build up for Tooru. So amazing that you even get afraid the moment he appears in the manga. Afraid that he will destroy everything Seiji and Yuki have. 
But then suddenly abduction? Seriously? And then Seiji becomes the knight in shining armor. Wait there is more! He even climbs down her window to runaway together!! Oh Kei Sasuga, you didnt...
This is the type of hollywood-romance-cliche ending that i DO NOT want to read. This could've gone into a way more heartwrenching ending which will also satisfy you. 

I finished this at 4 o'clock nighttime, i sacrificed sleep so i can finish this. And it was not worth it. The next day i woke up like shit because of this.
I'am happy for you Seiji that you got a Good Ending, but i did not.

9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Feb 28, 2020

Good Ending is an Emotional roller coaster of A Ride!.The story is amazing, heart wrenching, and tear jerking, I found myself many times with my eyes watering at how realistic the were love story.I absolutely loved it, each characters were well portrayed and each one had a unique story and Characterization.  The art wasn't a that Special or Anything, but when there were full panel Art there were a lot of emotions Carried in theme. The Story is a Great in fact it was Amazing I praise "Kei Sasuga" Back and Forth Romantic Story telling (Only issue is that I want a full medicine Manga!.), The issue with the Story is weirdly enough the Ending it was Rushed and she Tried to give everyone a Good Ending when in actuality only 1/4 people have good Ending. It might not be apparent @ first if you bing read like I did but when you think back to the best moments in the Series the Ending is never there and it feels hollow.  It jumped right into it, rushing all the way to the end in the span of 3 chapters, the final 2 chapters covered so much content in so few pages they could've easily made 10-25 more chapters out of it. Either way, they must have caught wind of the story getting dry and stale at the ending decided to play it safe. You'll fall head over heels for mangas for a good story, but you'll bash your brain out on the table at the stupidity of some of the characters (and Gladly they didn't do that here all the actions the protagonist took to Love I genuinely believe it stuff I could have done myself).

10/10 story
6/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jul 30, 2020

I'm really sorry for my english in advance I hope it won't be too much trouble to read.

I have some mixed feelings about this manga. While I really liked the art and the faces drawn by the author, while I found the plot interesting, I'm just fed up with the drama in this.

I mean it is too much... everytime for every little things it's just frustrating. In my opinion, drama is a genre that require a good balance, a balance with drama and happy times. The main problem with GE was the fact that you have just a new forced drama every 3 chapters that ruin the entire story. Basically GE had a big part of drama which was just... forced, you know those drama where, as a reader, you are just frustrated by how the characters are stupid and create drama because of their own stupidity and because of their lack of communication skills that leads to misunderstandings...

To conclude : the art is great in my opinion, story seemed interesting but everything has been leveled down by frustrating cliffhangers at the end of chapters and by the over representation of non necessary drama. I do not recomend if you seek for some realist relationship and if you like coherent well-paced drama. In those kind of stories, drama permit to add depth into characters to make them more likable not to ruin them and to make us hate them for their lack of logic. At some point, you could clearly see that the author was making the characters take some bad decisions only to create bad drama...

Let's talk about the characters ( BIG spoilers to read only if you are masochist or if you have finished GE) :

Seiji (MC) is probably the only character who has grown up since the chapter 1. During the whole plot he was a coward and a cuck, yes a cuck the best instance is when he tried to defend the boyfriend of Shô when this one had SEEN her boyfriend talking to his ex and saying to her "i want to get back with you" or something else. MC just said the biggest speech of his life to defend the boyfriend whose, i remind, cucked the MC at the beginning of the story. At least he was quite more brave throughout the story. Oh and i have forgotten. If Seiji has been dumped, it's only because of him because this idiot has made the relation tense by delaying the problem with yuki's ex AND because he was stubborn and he decided to live a relationship without any sexe. I mean he could have lived his relationship at his own pace like every normal man but he decided to be stupid and yuki has noticed he was forcing himself...

Yuki (main Girl) : at the start of the story, she was interesting and i really liked her. She was smart and she helped MC to grow up + she was mysterious with her past. Then there was this part where MC was conscious of liking her, he showed her that he liked her ( i mean you have to be blind to not see that...) and this idiot yuki did what ? She thought that MC was talking about an other girl..

It was just frustrating Yuki was smart at the begin and good to read emotions so WHY i just dont understand. Anyway the worst part about her is when she broke up with MC. Her reason ? "I give you too much trouble" just what the fuck ? You think leave him alone will make his problems vanish ?? If you want a relationship without taking your responsabilities then you buy a robot or a pillow with a waifu printed on it..

Then she was denying that she had still feeling for MC when MC asked her BUT she decided to confess that she still has feelings for him when the MC goes out with Shô. It's a joke ? What is she trying to do ? I could at least understand if MC didnt give her any chances but he just gave her a bunch of chances after they broke up and she litteraly rejected everything coldly but now that he's dating with an another woman she confesses. It was a joke, i have never seen a character that bad, Yuki in my opinion has regressed since the beginning of the story. She went from a very good character to an illogical character who only acts to force the drama into the story...

Shô : Well... She is the same from the first chapter to the last. She has cucked MC with her senpai who only used her because this one was sad after a breakup then (logic) it didn't finish well. Then she dated with MC anddd. Yes once again she dated with a guy that has just been dumped by his initial girlfriend and (drum roll) she, once again, has been dumped by the MC because this one was still loving yuki. At the end of the story she started dating again with this moron of senpai who cheated on her. The author tried to say to us that it was a good end for her but i'm not stupid I know how relationship works... She would have been better single at the end.

Risa : well she's a pity. It was sad to see her forcing with MC. Risa is the cliche of the beautiful girl who instantly fall in love with stupid and virgin MC because this one has been nice and kind for a stupid reason once in the story after their meeting. She is sad to see, she only serves to cause misunderstanding ( drama are you there ?) but at least she has been once in the story smart by talking to yuki to "defend" MC.

8/10 story
8/10 art
2/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jul 22, 2015

From my opinion this is a manga that will emotionally hit you, HARD. From the oneshot to the actual series, I had wanted to rip my heart out and set it on fire. That's not bad though,  In the beginning it was a pure story but it soon escalated into a story that you'll love from the bottom of your heart. This has a psychological feel to it because you don't know what the characters do. The character development is absolutely heart breaking but warming at the same time. Good Ending had done an outstanding performance. Like I explained in the beginning, it will throw you into a emotional storm and may make you want to (or in my case) cry. This is worth the hours of reading you put into this.

9.5/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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