GE: Good Ending

Vol: 16; Ch: 156
2009 - 2012
4.136 out of 5 from 1,445 votes
Rank #2,756
GE: Good Ending

Seiji Utsumi is a wholly unathletic boy who is infatuated with Iketani, a bubbly and pretty girl in the school’s tennis club. Unfortunately, while he knows exactly how to get the result he wants in dating sim games, he has no intention of attempting to approach his real-life crush and is simply satisfied to admire her from afar. One day, however, the new beauty in his class, Yuki, learns of Seiji’s affections for her senior in the club and takes it upon herself to help him in his romance - and the first step is to get him to join the tennis club! Now Yuki is coaching the lovestruck teen in how to win his love, but are her intentions true, and will Utsumi be able to get the “Good Ending” he desires?

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Good ending This manga tells the story of a young guy named Utsumi. Like one can already guess the story is following the usual highschool setting. Utsumi is just another "loser" who only can gather his courage to watch the girl who he crush on from afar, while doing so he encounters a girl who found out about his crush. The girl tries to make him confess and at the same time tries to find the hope, that love in this world is not something that just leads to pain and suffering, she tries to fix the wounds of her heart while helping Utsumi. Story of the manga was well told and progress of it was somewhat fine, it didn't feel like author tried to rush things or suddenly slow it down. The ending felt a bit rushed, it could have been few more chapters longer, but the idea of it was easily graspable.  At the very beggining I thought that the story is going to be about this useless shy kid, but as I decided to keep on reading I realised, that main characters change, some more some less, but they do, they are not as they were in begining. I felt delighted that this manga wasn't all about how shy one is and how holding hands is already the most embarrassing thing in the world. GE wasn't all about panty shots or peeking, it felt more mature, guys in this manga were not very voyeuristic. While the setting was in school it didn't feel like it was all about school life, the story felt more like a real life experience, it was also about guys being deceitful and what lead them to it. There were some times that I felt like yelling at Utsumi "you jackass, just tell her that, why can't you", but as he developed it happened less and less often. The story includes secrets, memories which are better forgotten and even a trauma. I enjoyed how characters were holding onto their feelings so they wouldn't make the ones they love awkward or make them break up. It truly was an emotional rollercoaster to read GE.  Art had its ups and downs, I really hated when in few chapters Characters had like wallpapers glued to shirts or jeans but sometimes it felt like I am really watching at something beautifull. The important parts of story were always well drawn and placed. There were times when I just enjoyed watching how characters are drawn, but I can't say the same about backgrounds, I felt like they were lacking, while not always, but there surely were times that I simply ignored where they are and only watched emotions of each individual. I guess the changing art really made the manga more enjoyable. Characters, oh such variety of them, starting from the shy boys to tomboy. I really enjoyed reading about different people and their attitude to different situations, the most admirable thing I can say about characters in this manga is that they improve, they are humans and they are the ones who change. It was very pleasing to see them "grow up" and become experienced in multiple ways. While I still think that our main character was too big of a wuss, he really did sometimes things that were uncharacteristic for him, although it happened later on in the story. To conclude, I can say that this manga is something that is going to affect you, but at the same time it won't leave you dissapointed. It truly is a interesting love story and the development of characters is something to not laugh at, while I still disliked that one character was so dishonest with himself/herself, I still admired the actions and keeping emotions under control.


Story: I just loved this straight from the first few pages, where the main gets the taste smacked out of his mouth by a rogue tennis ball while playing voyeur on a distant third or so floor with some peeping specs. Comedic moments like these are present throughout, by means of slapstick, comedic dialogue or what have you but never consistent, as interspersed within the pages of this series is some truly heartwrenching moments, tearjerkers, heartwarming and it's a torrent of emotions. One chapter may leave you laughing, another may tug at your heart strings and convince you to read just one more chapter just to see the resolution. It's not simply heart-affecting (Too many heart-adjectives) for kicks, as it truly does add some good moments that make you feel for the characters. It's not just stuck on for the most part and many times feel natural. They feel... right, in a way, like how all love stories have their twists and turns, falls from grace and rising once again from the ashes. These moments are what help define the characters and what helps to get the reader invested and wanting to read more. Plot? Sure, I can throw you a bone: Continuing on the introductory sentence, the guy is practically blackmailed to join the Tennis club, but is cleverly duped into joining after some sneaky work by the dame on the cover of the first volume. This peeping, I should mention, is done on his adorable sempai, so adorable! Anyway, this isn't a sports manga so it isn't Tennis 20 hours of the day but still has a nice presence in the plot. If I had to add another... mark onto the plot, it'd be the ending. If I could sum it up, it'd be contrived, just because I like the word. But really, it kinda made me wince when it went on the route it took. I enjoyed it some but kinda felt... out of place, so to speak. The events afterward are the immediate (Or near immediate) conclusion and it felt a bit rushed. Art: Heheh, it looked good. Some really picturesque scenes (Heh) and the characters, loooooved! It's not simply an art evolution of the mangaka's style as time progressed but the change in characters, like how they grow up bit by bit and as I read it, it felt like I could see them change, especially the main. He's certainly different from the limp-noodle wussy boy he started off as and what he becomes later on and it's a real pleasure to see the change occur. Once again, the characters look good. And as it's not primarily ecchi, they look good regularly. Or what I mean is the character designs are the groove dog, or spiff kicks, completely to my liking. Characters: I spent a lot of time talking about plot so I'll save you the details and give you the cliffs notes of the review. They change, anybody who is a main or secondary either change or are developed. They hardly stay static and even the most genre-savvy of them gets development and depth. It's quite a trip to see them from the start to where they end up at the end. While they provoke all kinds of emotions, it's the rate of change in them that's a real kicker. Sometimes I was pleading for them not to do something when just before I was cursing their name. I could be cheering for them and weeping for them in the next, I could go from one state into another just by their actions alone, as stupid or heartbreaking as they can be. They're human, and their actions reflect that. I really don't want to go into specifics but once again, through the events you can really feel for the characters. You can feel the emotions they feel and so much more. They bring that out of you and while it may get headachey (?) at times, heartachey (?!) in others, they just work so well in their world. There is miscommunication, there is reasoning, there is conflict and resolve, there is everything we do portrayed in these pages. There is life, simple as that. Overall: If you skipped the above then let's just say that I adored this immensely. I was invested emotionally and kept me reading, just to see how the recent turmoil would be resolved. If a romance can make you feel for the characters, then there isn't much else you need.

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