Garbage Brave: Isekai ni Shoukan Sare Suterareta Yuusha no Fukushuu Monogatari

Alt title: Garbage Hero: A Revenge Story of a Hero Who Got Summoned to Another World

Vol: 7+; Ch: 44+
2019 - ?
3.77 out of 5 from 1,012 votes
Rank #14,338
Garbage Brave: Isekai ni Shoukan Sare Suterareta Yuusha no Fukushuu Monogatari

While on a regular school day, Tsukuru along with his classmates got transported to another world. However, at the other side of the summoning there was a hero's auction, where each nation would bid for the heroes to defeat the demon kings of each territory. While his classmates received cheat jobs and got auctioned quickly Tsukuru got the useless job "Chef". Because no nation bids for him, he gets thrown out through a transfer gate. At the other side of the gate is a territory dominated by strong monsters... Tsukuru manages to survive the monster's attacks despite nearly dying and  goes forward on the path of becoming the strongest!

Source: MU

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And the title echoed sadly into the void: "A Revenge Story...A" For there is no vengeance taken and the central plots so far have had nothing at all to do with vengeance. Yes, the protagonist is broody and talks about wanting to get revenge on that old man for leaving fem to die and on god for allowing such things to take place, but it honestly rings hollow. Are we seriously supposed to accept that the things that happened to fem are worthy of devoting months and maybe years of feir life going forward to making them pay? 'Cause, yeah, it was messed up that fe was abandoned in the woods to die. But feir overpowered abilities, like Dismantle and Healing Food, made it so fe was never in any real risk of dying and quickly got to the point of being able to dominate everything around fem. And, yeah, it was messed up that fe was summoned to this world in the first place with no way to get back to Earth. But fe doesn't actually seem all that broken up about it and fe has seemed to be building connections and adapting to life in this new world pretty well, so just...move on,, seriously...Vengeance is always an impractical enterprise--and I personally don't think it's ever justified--but goddamn it's especially not justified for these minimally-damaging grievances. But thankfully, the story has seemed to push the whole vengeance thing to the back burner to focus on more interesting storylines. Like, the most recent storyline involves fem solving a murder and using magic as an investigative tool. Though I should say that feir anti-hero, cocky personality (that is presumably a byproduct of the great emotional turmoil that has lead fem to devote feir life to vengeance) feels hackneyed and annoying. I also don't like the way that feir abilities are so overpowered (like, it would've been better if the food granted temporary boosts instead of permanent skills), but I guess that's just the nature of these types of stories. [Reviewed at chapter 14]

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