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Gangnam Dokkaebi
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Sep 20, 2021

Let's see... once upon a time a preppy "study 24/7" student with a super rare blood type became a target for... Let's say Evil Goblins due to being a student and his blood type.  And his close friend and and a ton of other students happen to all be Good Goblins.  And everything from there is seemingly the fight between the Goblins that wanna eat the MC and those that are trying to protect him.  

It's kind of contrived and rushed and hard to get into, imo.  I can't really say I like it, but it is something a bit different from the cookie cutter isekai and tower manhwas coming out lately.  I have very neutral feelings about it, and am not really interested.  None of the characters made me feel very attached or anything.  I did like the Goblin (lonely god) reference in an early chapter though, made me laugh.  

7/10 story
5/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall