Gambling Emperor Legend Zero - Custom lists

Alt titles: Tobaku Haouden Rei, Tobaku Haouden Zero

Gambling Emperor Legend Zero
  • Ayakashi Convenience
  • Asuna
  • After School!
  • Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
  • 10sai Shita no Kare Dakedo

Official English Translations on Manga Planet by Hoozuki

This is a complete list of every manga either officially translated and released or upcoming in English on the Manga Planet website by Fantasista. (Note: Anime-Planet is not associated with Manga Planet)

  • A Letter to the Sky
  • A Devotion That Changes Worlds
  • 108 Complexes
  • 2 AM, Scold Me With a Kiss
  • ...and I Love You

Official English Published By Media Do by Grizz

MD-i is the US subsidiary of Media Do, the largest eBook distribution group in Japan that has close ties to every publisher there. Media Do handle the English release of their series on behalf of the original publishers back in...

  • Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale
  • Akagi
  • 8.1: Yamada Yuusuke Gekijou
  • 13 Game

PVP (Player Versus Player) Game Manga by sothis

These "high stakes games" manga are PVP (player versus player). The game rules dictate that one or more players are their enemy, thus pitting them against each other. Sorted alphabetically. See my "Best to Worst High Stakes...