Gambling Emperor Legend Zero

Alt titles: Tobaku Haouden Rei, Tobaku Haouden Zero

Vol: 8; Ch: 70
2007 - 2009
4.34 out of 5 from 112 votes
Rank #2,845
Gambling Emperor Legend Zero

Muryou Zaizen is the wealthiest man in all of Japan; soon he will put his vast fortune on the line, gambling with the most powerful figures from across the globe. However, to guarantee his success, he seeks out the greatest gambler the country has to offer, designing a series of tests to weed out all but the most skillful and ingenious men. Among those selected for the test is Zero, a young man whose wits are matched only by his courage. But with fiendish tricks and deadly trials standing between him and selection, can Zero become the King that Zaizen seeks?

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