Gakusei Sensou - Soukyoku no Unmei

Alt title: Gakusei Sensou - Soukyoku no Fate

Vol: 2; Ch: 9
2015 - 2017
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Gakusei Sensou - Soukyoku no Unmei

When ordinary high school students, Hino Subaru, Sakurai Kazuma, and Sakurai Aoi woke up, they were in a factory, where students fight one another. Each student uses a spiritual gear called "Break," which bears connection with their fate, and are able to use an ability that corresponds with their revelation. Every Saturday, students are required to fight one another, fair and square, in a designated area and under certain rules. Set in a Japan that had taken a different route in history, three people were wrapped up in a war between organizations which consists only of student troops. The curtains opens to a brilliant story of revolution."I swear on this blade, I will change this world!"

Source: MU

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