Gakuen Heaven (You HIGURI)

Vol: 5
2000 - 2009
2.936 out of 5 from 73 votes
Rank #19,040
Gakuen Heaven (You HIGURI)

Keita Itou--a boy with no special qualities other than superb luck--suddenly receives an acceptance letter from the prestegious all-boys Bell Liberty Academy. There to welcome him are the two most powerful students on campus, the King and Queen of of BL Academy, Niwa and Saionji.Keita works to discover the reasons behind his invitation to such a remarkable school, struggles to find his niche among such brilliant and beautiful young men, and attempts to win the school-wide contest that will grant him his greatest wish! With all the obstacles in his way, including his own self-doubt, will Keita be able to win the competition--and the king's heart?

Source: Blu

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