Gakuen Babysitters

Alt title: School Babysitters

Vol: 18+; Ch: 102+
2009 - ?
4.371 out of 5 from 506 votes
Rank #789
Gakuen Babysitters

When Ryuichi and his 2-year-old brother Kotaro's parents die in a plane crash, the siblings are adopted by a woman who lost her son in the same incident: the wealthy chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy. She's empathetic to the brothers' plight, but her kindness has a cost: she's opened an on-site daycare for the staff's children, but doesn't have enough people to run it. None of the students have been interested in helping, and the only adult childcare worker spends more time sleeping than caring for the children. The chairwoman's solution? Put Ryuichi to work as the very first member of the school's new "Babysitter's Club"!

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CyBorjiieee Oct 27, 2017
Score 10/10

You will surely love Gakuen Babysitters. All the characters are so cute especially Kotarou (who is the brother of the protagonist Ryuiichi). The first time I read this I already fall in love with the story because it shows the siblings-relationship how they love and care for each other. So if you're running out of manga to read you should definitely start reading this. Also I've read that there's an upcoming... read more

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