Vol: 6; Ch: 51
2019 - 2021
3.352 out of 5 from 28 votes
Rank #32,640

Satsuki, a boy high school boy and his childhood friend are riding in an underground train until it suddenly stops. Upon closer inspection the denizens of the train discover a mysterious beast! Panic sets in as the passengers struggle to survive the beast and escape to the surface.

Source: MU

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OK look, everyone who knows me knows I love the dark stuff. Green Worldz, AOT, Shibuya Goldfish... stuff going to hell and people getting eaten is entertaining manga for me. But very rarely something comes along that's too over-the-top gory even for me, and this is officially one of them. Someone gets eaten every 4 panels, the author really likes showing people's heads getting bitten and their eyeballs popping out, and it's just way too gratuitous for gratuitous's sake.  The beginning was legit fairly creepy - a standard "train stuck underground and something bad is happening" trope for manga, which I admittedly love. Weird bear-like monsters appear that look eerie as hell with like pig skin faces on top of their faces, cool. People being idiots and getting eaten, sure. But somewhere a few vols in it goes completely off the rails to "it's getting silly" followed by "this is just absurd". The bears start getting scuba gear masks and weird steampunk armor. No one can get killed without a minimum 1 limb being torn off. Etc. There's also Gantz-like ecchi thrown in for no reason, attempted rape followed by actual rape (both dudes get eaten by the bears immediately just like everyone else, so, cool I guess?), and 100% of people being utter idiots for no reason. I fast forwarded to the end and it's so bad. The Amazon Japan reviews for the final vol are hilariously full of salt and people swearing to never buy anything from the author again.  tl;dr this is borderline comedy gold if you want something ridiculous and outrageously explicit, but it's also pure trash. 3/10 for the comedy levels alone and the initial creepy bears.

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