Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution

Alt title: Gacha Gacha: Secret

Vol: 11; Ch: 55
2003 - 2007
3.896 out of 5 from 106 votes
Rank #7,110
Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution

Akira Hatsushiba is just your typical, average high school kid... until a glitch in a Gacha Gacha video game changes his life forever. Now, every time Akira sneezes, his entire body undergoes a gender-bending switcheroo! That’s right, Akira is always just an achoo away from getting in touch with his feminine side. But it’s not all bad. Akira has had a crush on Yurika Sakuraba ever since he first laid eyes on her. He’s always been too shy, but now that he can change into a girl, Akira finally has a chance to get close to Yurika. Being a girl certainly has its advantages!

Source: Del Rey

Extra story: Miniature (volume 8)

Content Warning

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