Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.

Alt title: More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers

Vol: 11+; Ch: 70+
2018 - ?
4.04 out of 5 from 639 votes
Rank #2,918
Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.

In a society where high school students are matched with partners for “marriage training,” third-year Jirou Yakuin is assigned to Akari Watanabe, a gyaru” who couldn’t be more different from him. However, the top ten performers are allowed to switch partners, so the disparate duo play the part of a perfect couple in an attempt to land their respective crushes.

Source: Funimation

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This manga is really a hit or miss. The premise is just... Literal shit lmao. It's basically a "high school cohabitation" romcom but make it mandatory to graduate with no explanation given, and no consistency or objective reasoning in what will or won't make "points" go up or down. And also it seems to be like the only school that does this? And in order to change partners you need to get a high enough score cuz fuck you.  The art is decent and cute but v shojou meets ecchi. The character designs reflect this. All the girls with names have huge boobs except for one. Most of their faces are interchangeable except for hair and fashion style. The color pages have SO MUCH saturated color there's no where to rest your eyes lol. The characters are interesting in some ways, though because it is an ecchi romcom there's the typical frustrating love triangles, and contrived ecchi scenes with some gratuitous fan service sprinkled everywhere for no reason (even in non-ecchi scenes). The MC comes across as a cringe psuedo-incel in the first couple chapters (tho that could've been greatly enhanced by the translation i was reading), but his kindness and consideration for others is likeable. He takes other ppl's feelings and situations seriously, and a lot of his flaws are due to self confidence issues and social anxiety which are relatable, tho can be frustrating. The main girl lacks depth for awhile, as a trope-y tsundere type, but she does get more development. The rival girl is the trope-y nadeshiko/pure girl good at homemaking childhood friend, but she also gets more development. Some of my favorite interactions are between these 2 girls because they are kind to each other despite the jealousy and insecurities they feel, and they help each other grow. The rival girl makes a lot of effort to grow as of chapter 57. The rival guy is one of the most interesting characters imo. He is the perfect prince type but has his own issues that are explored a bit, and his motivations and feelings start as an unknown and continue to unfold slowly.  The characters can be frustrating particularly due to their bad communication, which is expected in a romcom and of teens in general. But they do gradually grow and develop better communication (tho growth isn't linear) with support from friends. One of my biggest issues with the main and rival girls is how a lot of their interactions and behaviors are so clearly framed as fan service/moe/dere. Particularly when interacting with male characters but also just as they exist in general. Again, to be expected of the genres, but disappointing given the potential for more character depth. But sometimes you just wanna read a horny cute romcom for mindless entertainment. And this does v well in that regard. TL;DR  Awful premise, common frustrating genre tropes, but some interesting characters and great for light horny entertainment with romantic angst that makes your chest squeeze

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