Futaba-kun Change!

Vol: 8; Ch: 48
1990 - 1997
3.512 out of 5 from 166 votes
Rank #28,815
Futaba-kun Change!

Futaba Shimeru used to be a typical, awkward teenager, eager to get closer to the opposite sex, especially his classmate, Misaki. But after suddenly transforming into a buxom female in the school bathroom, Futaba discovers that there's more to his genes than meets the eye! As now that Futaba is an adolescent, he has gained the unique ability of the Shimeru bloodline to transform into the opposite sex. Unfortunately for the boy, for now, these outbursts are uncontrollable and are triggered by stressful situations. And given his female alter ego must now attend the same school and fight off the advances of his peers, Futaba's peaceful life will never be the same!

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