Full Moon (Arina TANEMURA)

Alt title: Full Moon wo Sagashite

Vol: 7; Ch: 30
2001 - 2004
4.025 out of 5 from 1,649 votes
Rank #3,206
Full Moon (Arina TANEMURA)

Twelve-year-old Mitsuki Koyama is determined to become a singer, partially because of a promise she made to a long lost friend. Yet unfortunately, Mitsuki has a malignant tumor in her throat that causes her great pain when she uses her voice. In addition, her grandmother detests music and forbids Mitsuki to sing or talk loudly. One day, two Shinigami sneak into Mitsuki's room and accidentally tell her that she only has a year to live, prompting the now fearful and determined Mitsuki to head to the studio for an audition. While they intercept her for a second time, Mitsuki pleads for them to let her go; and seeing her determination, they decide to help her. To help fulfill her dream, Mitsuki's body is transformed into that of a sixteen year old girl - a body which nullifies her cancer as long as it remains intact. And so, Full Moon is born...

Extra story: Gin-yu Meika (volume 2)

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Story: The story of Full Moon Wo Sagashite initially starts off as one thing, then turns into another. At first its about Mitsuki, a small 12 year old girl with throat cancer who has only a year to live and wishes for nothing more than to be a singer, but then about 15 or so chapters in it turns into a story of Mitsuki aspires to do nothing with her life but to find her first love, Eichi Sakura who moved to America two years ago. I'm not much of a fan of stories concerning singers, but this change seemed to make the first part of this story a little pointless and make Mitsuki seem a little fickle- she revelead she only wanted to be a singer to find Eichi, which irritated me. Nonetheless, Full Moon still has a great storyline, even when the whole point to it ends up changing and the singing takes quite a drastic backseat. The big plot twists I never saw coming and the ending was amazing. The love triangle of Eichi, Mitsuki and Takuto was superbly arranged and the other characters were portrayed just as well in the story. Art: Typical of Arina Tanemura, the artwork is amazing. The drawings are so detailed and beautiful. Characters: Every single minor character in this show is developed all the way through this manga, and thats a good thing. It shows you how all the different shinigami's died- what their past human lives were like, and why they are how they are. This was especially good with the older characters, and I found it very impressive how Arina managed to intertwine all of the characters stories together to show how their all related in some way or another. Overall: Its a very good manga wih a great ending, but if you don't like the guy Mitsuki ends up with then that can easily ruin your experience with this manga. But its cute and if you like Shoujo then its a must read :)

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