Full Metal Panic! (Light Novel)

Vol: 12; Ch: 72
1998 - 2011
4.089 out of 5 from 99 votes
Rank #1,952
Full Metal Panic! (Light Novel)

Sagara Sousuke isn't your typical high school student. He reads military enthusiast magazines; he responds to questions with "affirmative;" he brings grenades to school in his bag. Though everyone at school takes him for a hopeless military geek, Chidori Kaname thinks there might be something more to him. When their plane is hijacked in the middle of a field trip, Kaname's instincts will prove correct: Sousuke is an elite, mech-piloting mercenary... and he's here to protect her!

Source: J-Novel Club

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Chapter 1

Full Metal Panic! Volume 1

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