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Alt title: Revenge Classroom

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu
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May 18, 2023

Okay so I really like this manga like I really like this manga. Don't get me wrong there are definitely quite a few flaws. But despite the flaws I really enjoyed reading it. It should have been longer and the characters definitely should have been in high school. I like that it came all together at the end, I like that things that were hinted at earlier in the story came to pass. I don't have a lot to say but all together I like it and it was a short read.

8/10 story
9/10 art
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sep 2, 2019

I don't have a lot to say about Fukushuu Kyoushitsu, unfortunately. I love the art, even at its weird and poorly drawn moments, and the premise is great. If you can stomach some gore and psychotic, horribly cruel teens, its a worthwhile reading. However, the quality of the writing greatly decays from mid-end and the ending is so bad, its laughable.

"Fukushitsu" has very good characters, though. I wish they could be more carefully fleshed out. It explores the sick mentality of broken teenagers who are left on their own, exposed to such cruelties, that they go borderline mad and lash out on different ways. Ayana, the protagonist, is kind of developed and her feelings are palpable. 

Giving it a 4.5/5 because of how much the plot decayed thorughout the story. Could easily be one of my favorite mangas if it wasn't for that, lol.

Have a good day.

7/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
8.6/10 overall
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Jul 4, 2017

(read until chapter 19, couldn't find chapter 20)

Ok so this manga is so fucking dark, this is the darkest manga I have read (havent read that many), the story is basically the mc (Fujisawa or something) was getting bullied end then started getting revenge on her classmates (all of them), the characters are ok, and the art is the usual.

So basically this is a very, VERY dark manga I honestly thought I would drop this manga but I actually like dark mangas like this, but this was too much, but after some time i enjoyed it the story is really good. I haven't read a manga like this.(Also i like mangas where the mc is 'evil')

Edit: Saw this old review of mine and holy shit did I have grammar issues.

9/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jan 5, 2021

Haaaa... Now, where do I begin with this...??
Revenge stories are something I truly enjoy if, and only if, they are done right. The story, as the description of the manga says, is about a girl named Ayana who is bullied horribly and decided to take revenge on all of her classmates one by one. The story started pretty well and I was actually hooked in the beginning. What will Ayana do? How will she punish everyone? Alas... That didn't last for long. First of all, I thought for sure that the story is set up in high school coz of how disgusting and downright psychopaths all the students of the class were. But no! THE STORY IS ACTUALLY SET UP IN FREAKING MIDDLE SCHOOL!! So you mean to tell me that middle schoolers nowadays are psychopaths and have no qualms about rape and murder? Well ok... That fact is actually the least of the problems in the story. My main problem? THERE WERE A SHIT TON OF PLOT HOLES IN THE WHOLE STORY. The end is... very rushed, to put it mildly. So many parts of the story that were build up... So much foreshadowing and the author decided to go with the ending that made absolutely zero sense. Like please don't build a plot point if you are not even gonna explain it in the end? Not to mention *Spoilers* that somehow the people who raped a middle school girl multiple times and bullied her so much that she ended up with blood dripping off her body every day, were somehow made to be the good guys in the end? WITHOUT ANY REASON? EXCUSE ME WHAT?? 

Oh, and as a cherry on the top, we never really find out for sure, who actually pushed the MC in the traffic at the beginning of the story that actually led to the whole decision of her taking revenge. Now that's good writing, ain't it? 

Do you like fleshed-out characters whose actions actually make sense? If the answer is yes, I will advise you to not read this story unless you feel like gouging your eyes out. Ayana, the MC, is probably the only character in the manga who I can bear and actually sympathize with. At least her actions are not without good reason (for the most part). The rest of the students on the other hand... I don't know if the school decided to put all the psychopathic problem kids in one classroom or what but not one of them acts like a human. And like I already said... the author somehow decided it was a good idea to make freaking rapists and bullies into good guys (*cough cough* Ren). I don't even want to know what was their thought process at the time. Oh and let's not forget our hero Ryou who had a very strong sense of justice but somehow never realized a girl in his class was being brutally bullied and raped (I know man... There's just too much fxcking rape). *Spoilers* That girl being a person he supposedly liked. Well to be fair, he did have the potential to be a better character but the author just did him dirty and never decided to flesh out his character more.

The art is the only redeeming factor of this manga. The artist did an amazing job of drawing all the revenge scenes and murders. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save the fuckfest of the story. I hope they get a better story next time.

All in all, I had expectations from this manga in the beginning but the author just went sike and crushed all of them. So, is it worth reading? Well, you probably already got a gist of what I think from my review and yes the story is garbage. But it's pretty short and I read everything in one sitting (I know, I should get a medal or something). So if you like to torture yourself and want to read a story whose ending will leave you screaming in agony, well this manga may be a match made in heaven for you.

1/10 story
8/10 art
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Jul 22, 2020

~ Contains Spoilers ~


It certainly does not limit the creativity of the punishments, ranging from straight up torture/murder to a humiliating moment.  I especially loved the one where she punished the first class rep, as not only did she ruin the reputation, but also make her doubt her only friend, causing the friend to also meet the end. After death, the main character does go through some sort of regret, which I geniunly think is a weak mindset for such a type of story but this is the positives so I digress.  The punishments start off small but gradually get out of control, whether it is because the MC is losing it or the people who were roped in started going crazy.  The bullying was portrayed well in this, one thing I really would give to this manga is that it isn't pointless bullying for the sake of it, the characters actually have motive for doing such things (most of them anyway).  The MC knows exactly what will hurt the specific person the most.  

I believe his name was Shouta (to clarify, I am talking about the guy who joined in killing due to being in a finacial crisis with family), I do believe his character was a great addition to the story.  About a guy who was blackmailed at first, unwilling to do any bad things, but as we gradually move in the story, it is clear he is slowly losing it, whether it is because of how desperate he and his family is financially or the fact he tries so hard to believe that he is not the bad guy, that his actions can be justified.  I enjoyed how they took such a timid and fearful character and turned him into such a psychopath.

Art was relatively nice, though it did sometimes have some wack proportians, overall it was good.  You could easily diffrientiate characters and thats enough to be decent.  


It starts out promising, as I do enjoy a very twisted and dark revenge type story.  Especially one that contains very graphic images and uses bullying.  Unfortunately, upon getting further into the chapters, it descended into much lower than the orginal standards it presented.  It drifted away from the goal of vengeance for the MC due to adding much too many plot twists and such.  We see our orginal clearly, psychopathic but strong in the sense of mentality and smarts, to being easily taken advantage of.  She didn't even get to complete her goal of punishing everyone, letting some of the worst, who directly hurt her, get away scott-free whilst those who did nothing more than ignore her being bullied getting punished.  I do understand that ignoring something when justice is clearly needed is bad, but priorities perhaps?

The major plot twist at the end was unexpected and pretty much ruined the story for me.  Though I had already started to dislike the story, the character's actions and mindsets were appropriate/realistic but then it is revealed the MC had a half brother, whom orchestrated the whole thing solely on the reason he was bored?  Much to sudden and far fetched.  One of the worse, if not the worse, (Ren) was the main rapist and regarded the MC as nothing more then his toy, extreme violence and severe sexual assault, yet the story makes it seem like he was smitten with her at one point before?  That geniunly makes no sense.  Also, the MC said one of Ren's underlings/fellow rapists was the worse guy but it is clear the Ren is the leader, so wouldn't it make sense if Ren got also got some sort of punishment as the level the other guy did?  

Tracing back to how the people who did much more horrible acts, though some did die and such, for the remaining ones, the author faild to give them a valid redemption. The author tries to wrap it up with a simple 'they admitted for their crimes and want punishment', I guess i wouldn't mind it for one or two characters but the whole lot had the exact same mindset?  It was so sudden and then the MC, who was hell bent on getting revenge to the point where she regarded her soul as dead, wants redemption?  I despise how Ren was portrayed as a 'good guy' by the end of the story, as if we can just ignore all the unspeakable things he did to the MC, the motive was never specified either.  I would normally just chalk it up to the fact that in mangas like this, bullies show zero percent of any sort of humanity but since we do see him clearly want some sort of redemption/regard himself as a scum it simply doesn't make sense!

Also, the guy who had a crush on the MC.  His character could have been much more futher developed.  In instances like this, he would typically be some sort of, for lack of better word, ML as we get to see the righteous one walk the path of "evil" yet Ren had much more valid screentime than this character which was a shame.  The only thing he contributed to the story was killing one of the guys.  Thats literally it.  Such a shame if I was being honest.  Regarding, the glassess girl, I never liked her but that was due to my personal opinions, her character (considering its purpose) was more or less okay but I felt as if the end for her was kinda limiting her potential.  After stabbing Ren, it was clear she was also quite unstable and I thought that after the MC rejected her she would do something (like a killing spree or just anything in general), hence why she had been shaking a little after the MC turned her back, unfortunately Shouto killed her.  Like the righteous guy, I felt as if her character had more potential. 


Is it well written?  Not really.  Is the ending disappointing? Extremly.  Would I reccommend it?  If you want some random badass killing/gore then please go ahead as it does delve into lots of dark and mature themes, though I have read better even on that theme, it was still decent.  But in terms of characters motive and the story in general, it was lacking in many aspects.  Leaving me unsatisfied with that ending.  

2/10 story
6/10 art
3/10 characters
3/10 overall