Fukujuu Toshi

Vol: 4; Ch: 30
2018 - 2019
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Fukujuu Toshi

Kyou Ayaha is a third year high school student who excels in everything he does, even sports. With nothing exciting happening in his unchanging life, he spent his days bored out of his mind. But he had no idea that this life of his was about to collapse...! He went to Shibuya with three other people he usually hung out with: Minto, Renka, and Mawata. There, they witnessed a gruesome scene, as the clothes of people coming and going through town transformed into ferocious monsters, tearing humans into pieces! Everywhere in Shibuya, every type of clothing, and sorts of textiles and fibers started eating people and overrunning the town! Amidst his crumbling life, can Kyou survive this terror...!?

Source: MU

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