Alt title: Wife and Wife

Vol: 2; Ch: 18
2009 - 2013
3.792 out of 5 from 158 votes
Rank #5,873

Sumi and Kinana have just moved in together. This is the refreshing and hilarious story of their (romantic) everyday life.

Source: MU

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randomredneck Dec 17, 2013
Score 8.5/10

Back and no better than he was before, it's RandomRedneck, Over-Opinionated Guru. Back with my first manga review since November of 2011. Long gap. Anyway, for this review, I puruse through a short but sweet Shoujo-Ai manga. One that's devoid of the typical angst you get in this genre. Just 18 chapters of "God, that's cute." material. This is Wife And Wife. Let us begin, shall we? ... read more

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