From Far Away

Alt title: Kanata Kara

Vol: 14; Ch: 57
- 2003
4.394 of 5 from 699 votes
Rank #585
From Far Away

On her way home from school one day, Noriko is unexpectedly plunged into a strange and extraordinary fantasy world. Her troubles compound exponentially when she is rescued and befriended by a handsome young man by the name of Izark. He may be brave and courageous, but inside Izark lurks the darkest evil imaginable. And according to an ancient prophecy, Noriko possesses the power to unleash that evil. Now, inexorably bound together, these two unlikely allies must navigate a world both wondrous and hostile.

Source: Viz

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SailorMoonRocks's avatar
SailorMoonRocks Jun 30, 2016
Score 10/10

While transported to an unfamiliar world, Noriko has to learn the language and learn the ways of the new world. I found this very similar to Red River, where the main character is transported to a new world, where they meet the person they want to stay with. I really enjoyed this manga because Noriko shows a kind of strength you don't expect to see from someone in her situation. Reaching the end of the manga, I... read more

jypsyjulia's avatar
jypsyjulia Aug 3, 2016
Score 6/10

Okay, so...if you're very into shoujo, this is the perfect manga for you.  It has everything a good shoujo manga needs.  A cute girl with good intentions who happens to have some kind of supernatural power + a handsome hero who is super strong with a heart of gold + a villain who is trying to keep them apart = perfect shoujo ever.  All it's missing is a love triangle, but I'm really glad it... read more



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