Friends with Secrets

Ch: 52
2018 - 2019
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Friends with Secrets

Hyun-tae joins a group of his old friends for a reunion. 3 guys and a girl, there is something special about this meeting.

Source: Toptoon

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Sometimes when i write reviews i feel like i overdoit but not this time this things is fcked up totaly. Do not read it just waste of time jsut read this review it saefs you all the time and sanity. Story is all about lieing and cheating. Its story about 3 guys and a girl who have meetings and on that meetings they fck the girll all of them one by one. Then girl and one of them get to gether but the girl still wants to have meetings and then she is mad when MC cheats on her. Then you get second half of the story and its get better but still the way autor decided to write this is just stupid and it end badly as well. Dont want to spil much but as you already might think it wont get much better (theres another girl and she go with MC and cheats on him with other guy from group neverending cycle). So as you can see this story is terrible and its not jsut that its terribly written as well early chapters have some terrible timeskips and things are forced way too much the way people cheat in here has terrible entering point and backround around it. Art is not even avrage sometimes you feel like characters dont fit well with the backround or they are drawn in weird shapes or postions it not realy helps. If you here for s*x its not much and what you get its short es well. Characters are terrible probably worst what i read so far as you can see what i wrote in story part they are total stupid and no i mean it  one of the girls must have som brain problems and guys have no honor. Even interaction between characters and how characters cheat or fall in love or just go for s*x is off its just doesnt make any sence. I dont like when people are cheating and i dont read manhwas like that but sometimes if its writen well i can beare it but not here its just not working. Saddest part is i know people like that so its even worst for me to read ot (thankfully didnt happen to me).

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