Fresh Pretty Cure!

Alt title: Fresh Precure!

Vol: 1; Ch: 13
3.639 out of 5 from 13 votes
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Fresh Pretty Cure!

Earth is once again under attack! Moebius, a dark lord from a parallel world called Labyrinth, is on a mission to conquer all of the worlds, and only the legendary Pretty Cure warriors can stop him. Tart and Chiffon – two fairies from the Kingdom of Sweets – have returned to Earth to find the girls and discover that Love, Miki and Inori possess the power to strike down evil. Now, between their studies and rehearsing to become idols, the trio must help put a stop to Moebius’s plans!

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You know when something populer comes out like a Comic Storylione, You would get a Movie or a game addaptation with it, but when it comes to Japan, Manga's would get n Anime Addaptation, Or an Anime that gets a Manga Addaptation, An when it came to the Pretty Cure Franchise, In this case, Fresh Precure!, Now this isn't the first time a Pretty Cure Season was Addapted into a Manga, It will date bac...k to the First Pretty Cure season, I would get the Idea that these Manga Addaptations where Cash-ins to the Franchise. Here's some interesting stuff I've seen from this, Tart that little Basterd from the show seems to act very differently in this then the Anime, Telling Precure of there Responsibilities and something of a serious tone in his words. That Baby mascot Chiffon seems to have not much interactions in the story then her Anime Counterpart. And Kaoru yeah that guy who sells the Donuts, Yeah in the first chapter of the Manga where Love becomes Cure Peach for the first time, He was sporting a Donut Superhero costume, I'm not sure if that happened in the Anime but it's just really Embarrasing. So far on There are only four chapters on Kissanime, But I gan give you this review on this, This is a Very rushed and pretty Strange telling of Pretty Cure's sixth installment, The Three Precures in this at the beginnign are kinda similar to there Anime But with Love and Miki thinking that they become famous with there Precure powers would probably be to obvious to the success of Sailor Moon, The Artwork in this is pretty generic and odd in some places, But Setsuna in this was a comeplete Plank, Setsuna in the Anime had a Character with something of a tragic past (If I'm correct there.) I would recommened this to the Fans of Pretty Cure But I would Recommened you watch the Anime first, So you'd get an Idea.

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