Freezing Point

Alt title: Eoneunjeom

Ch: 30
2018 - 2019
3.663 out of 5 from 137 votes
Rank #18,528
Freezing Point

Saetbyul is an omega who keeps his sex hidden from others. He comes to realize that his alpha classmate, Yul, is his soulmate, but Yul believes that Saetbyul is a beta and therefore defines his feelings for Saetbyul as friendship. Soulmate or not, Saetbyul has no intention to pair-bond with an alpha; he ignores his own feelings for Yul. One day, an omega named Jaeyoung transfers into their class and is not hesitant to reveal his sex. Having known that Jaeyoung is an omega, Yul falls in love with him right away. As Saetbyul watches Yul, he begins to feel a sense of nagging...

Source: MU

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