Free Life Fantasy Online: Immortal Princess (Light Novel)

Alt title: Free Life Fantasy Online: Immortal Princess, Hajimemashita (Light Novel)

Vol: 6+
2018 - ?
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Free Life Fantasy Online: Immortal Princess (Light Novel)

Tsukishiro Kotone doesn’t consider herself much of a gamer. That is, until she’s introduced to the virtual reality game “Free Life Fantasy Online,” also known as FLFO, by her game-savvy sister. In FLFO, Kotone decides to become a Zombie, one of the game’s inhuman races–a race that’s said to be quite difficult to master, even for experienced players. Why not, right? When Kotone embarks on her first quest in the darkness of the catacombs, controlling a fascinating undead body, little does she know that this game is about to become a huge part of her real life. Join the virtual adventure in this gaming tale about an online world like no other!

Source: Seven Seas

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