Freaking Romance

Ch: 48+
2018 - ?
4.588 out of 5 from 564 votes
Rank #43
Freaking Romance

Zylith is an 18 year-old aspiring artist who is taking her first steps into adulthood - she's getting her very first apartment! Actually, she has little choice in the matter since her parents have thrown out her belongings with a note attached wishing her luck surviving on her own. She finds a room for rent that's super cheap and jumps on the opportunity, but the landlady warns her that the place is haunted. Intrigued, Zylith signs the lease on the spot and her new life of paranormal activity begins. Just who is this handsome boy who looks like a k-pop star, and why does he keep appearing and disappearing before her eyes? One way or another, Zylith is determined to find out!

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