Franken Fran

Vol: 8; Ch: 61
2006 - 2012
4.252 out of 5 from 947 votes
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Franken Fran

Franken Fran, creation of the absent Professor Madaraki, has a true gift when it comes to the scalpel: she can give you the perfect body, bring the dead to life or stitch people together so that they will never again be apart. Join Fran and her boy-headed cat as they learn about the human soul while carving up the human flesh. But ethics aside, can something beautiful come out of such ugly work, or is it doomed to remain ugly until the end? On the other hand, does it matter?

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Franken Fran was a series that got me a bit curious about it when I first read a bit of it off Mangahere. I bought my own copies of the series when I  had the chance and now that I've finished it, its time to share my own thoughts about the series. Story- The series itself is told through the many episodic chapters where Fran is helping one of her patients. Just to make a point, Franken Fran is a gory and dark series, whether it is the bodies Fran operates on, or the violence in which characters lose their limbs or other horrible things happen. For a shonen series it also manages to cover some of those mature themes found in seinen series too. A lot of the stories focus on Fran's experiments that don't always end well, but there are some that end on a happy note. There is some consistancy in the chapters, although there is no greater plot throughout the series. The problem with short stories is that they are too short and not enough to elaborate on. However in this case it was okay, given the pacing of the stories and the fact that they were all interesting.  Art-  The art has always been pretty stable and good looking, even during the gore scenes. And the designs for the main characters and the monsters are also good, however, the eyes of a lot of the characters look the same and there isn't a lot of variety with the facial expressions. But for the most part looked good, or creepy depending on the situation. Characters- A lot of the main characters don't have much of a background, other than the fact that they are all somehow related to the professor who SPOILER never actually appears in the series but that's basically all we know about them. Still, there are lots of loveable characters in the main cast. For the "guest appearances" we have really stupid/annoying characters, weirdos, nice people, idiots,... There is a huge variety of characters, which is nice, but because these are short stories we don't get to know that much about them. Overall- Franken Fran is a really dark/twisted, with a lot of gore, which can at times be weird, but its not that weird in comparison to other series. I would exactly call it a must-read but it is a good read, even more so if you're a fan of horror like me. Definitely something to read while eating ;D


This was definitely a very weird manga, which I started reading because I saw someone talk about it on the forums. There are warnings for the gore in this manga, but I don't particularly mind gore-scenes. What does make my stomach get upset is some of the twisted things that happen in these stories (yes, stories. It's really a collection of short stories, that are mostly unrelated). So the manga follows Fran Madaraki, a girl that has been altered by professor Madaraki, and who has some impossible medical skills. She can turn you into anything you want (or don't want), raise the dead, switch heads, switch brains, and much more. The entire series depicts her experiments ("for the glory of science"), most of which don't end too well. There are some nice endings too though. My main issue is that, although there is some consistency in the chapters, and some characters return for a second or even a third chapter, there is no real greater plot. I mainly like episodic manga less because most short stories are, well, too short and thus not elaborate enough. In this case it was quite OK for my tastes though:the pacing of the stories was good, and they were all interesting.story 8/10 (although varying between 5/10 and 9/10, I'd give it an overall score of 8/10) The artwork always looked really nice, especially for gorescenes. I also like the characterdesigns for the main cast and the "monsters", but 1 problem is (as Brainblow indicated in his review) that the eyes of lots of characters are the same, and that there aren't all that much different facial expressions. Still, it all looked nice (or creepy, depending on the circumstances). art 8.5/10 The characters-section also feels somewhat lacking, as most main characters have almost no background. We know that they're all somehow related to the professor (who never actually appears), but that's all we know about them. Still, there are lots of loveable characters in the main cast. For the "guest appearances" we have really stupid/annoying characters, weirdos, nice people, idiots,... There is a huge variety of characters, which is nice, but because these are short stories we don't get to know that much about them. characters 7/10 Overall: This is a really dark/twisted manga, with a lot of gore and other weird scenes. I wouldn't call it a must-read, but it's a good read. Definitely something to read while eating ;D


10/10 Would Fap AgainHuh, this porn manga looks pretty good, I love something new, or so you might have thought, when seeing the cover of the first volume of the manga in any of the book stores in your country. If you, just like me, had the same guessing, I cannot blame you. This piece is considered a science fiction manga. Though, it is not the usual science fiction you will expect to see. What I mean is the fact that it has nothing to do with space battles, giant mechas and technical wonders. However, Kigitsu Katsuhisa has his own understanding of what science fiction is. His characters, as it has been mentioned before, do not fly in space and do not jump in time. Nevertheless, the main "technical miracle" is one of the main themes of this manga. And I cannot say I do not like it.Cute Little Girls Doing Cute Experiments (Or Not?)World War II, a talented biologist, named Madaraki Naomitsu, uses his skills in medical practice. During the war time, the professor does whatever he wants and no one cares about how horrific his experiments might be, even the government turns a blind eye on the work of the caring professor Naomitsu. But, it turns out, he is not a happy professor, trying to help people, he is actually a psychopath with a scalpel. But no war lasts forever and The Second World War is finally over, too. However, the problem is that the crimes of the professor Naomitsu are now noticed and to escape the punishment, the professor vanishes. The end.Not quite. The madman leaves his daughter, as well as his best creation behind and this “daughter” is actually the professor’s best masterpiece: she looks like a female Frankenstein. Madaraki Fran does not look like her father, but she is very similar to him, because she adores experiments and has incredible skills in all possible areas of medicine. She is an underground doctor, pursuing a single goal. She is able to fix any problem, cure any sickness, and can even give people eternal youth! Unfortunately, not many people can afford her help, since any cute little girl needs money for her cute little experiments. However, these moneybags are just unfortunate souls, because if you do not mention how you see your recovery, you will regret it.That Is UnjustTruth be told, the plot is impressive. Already the first volume is already very enjoyable to read, it is violent, it is funny and disgusting. Another thing to mention is that every two-three chapters there is a separate story of Fran helping her poor patients. Later on, however, this formula is broken. But, I must admit, it is even better. The readers do not feel burdened, since a new story starts quite soon and you do not have to wait that much. In addition to this, you will appreciate the originality of every chapter and enjoy the black humor. But I am not quite sure, if you will find any of her ‘creations’ funny. But give it a try, nevertheless.Who Needs Two Hands When You Can Have Six Hands (Duh)So, let us discuss the main pieces of this manga. Madaraki Fran, as it has already been mentioned, is one of the best creations of Madaraki Naomitsu. She does not have any features making her look like her father, but she has all the skills the professor has, she might even be more talented than her father. A cute creature, striving to help people. She is always ready to help, even for free, if you have a tearful story. She is a smart girl, she understands that having six hands is better than having two for any surgeon. The father should be proud! By the way, oh yes, she also has a credo: if humans’ life can be saved, this must be done! Simply put, no matter how terrible a person’s life might be, the main thing is that they will live. What a good doctor, you might think! Anyways, onto Fran’s assistant. He is called Okita. He is a handsome guy, his face looks like he is a popular idol of a jpop boys band and he also is a half human, half cat. He likes criticizing his mistress. And he also enjoys becoming human again, who would not, and Fran gladly helps her cute assistant with that.There is also a police officer, Kuhou Rumiko. She is fascinated yet terrified of Fran. Fran sometimes pops up near her, sometimes to help her, sometimes to get some bodies for her lovely experiments. There are also other "creations" of Professor Madaraki, but telling you about them is something I will not do. Anyways, as mentioned before, Fran's patients change very often, so I am not going to list them all. However, I want to assure you that all the patients, as well as all other characters are unique and very interesting to follow. Almost forgot, Fran also created many other servants of her lovely selfToo Many Difficult Things I Know Nothing AboutOf course, there will be many things, you will not understand anything about. As it has been already mentioned many times, the manga contains many medical terms, biological terms, etc. - the average reader will not understand many things. And even despite the efforts of the translators, who inserted explanations, it is not always possible to figure out how and why exactly what happens is happening. Perhaps this is one of the main disadvantages of the manga. As for the drawing - the details of all the small elements is simply amazing.This Is Not Something Kids Should ReadIt might sound as if it is a very dark comedy and that that is the only thing about it, wrong. You already know from my review that this manga has many 18+ scenes, I would even say you might feel bad even if you are older than 20+, when reading this manga. You need to have good mental health to read it. Otherwise, I would not recommend you reading it, it is very disturbing.Masterpiece Many Will Not UnderstandYou might have an impression that this manga is a sick abomination and you will be right and wrong at the same time. There is one clear message the writer tried to show the readers. AND HE IS RIGHT ABOUT IT! Of course, I am not going to do all the work for you, silly, I will never tell you the message Kigitsu Katsuhisa wanted you to understand. Go read the manga, now. If you can, of course.

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