Alt title: 14-Sai

Vol: 20; Ch: 260
1990 - 1995
3.36 out of 5 from 116 votes
Rank #32,382

In the future, humanity has destroyed the world’s plant and animal life out of greed and consumption. Meat is biologically created from animal cells to eat, and little remains of what used to be the environment. However, when a mutated, engineered chicken breast morphs into a sentient, vengeful being and human children begin to be born with green hair and spots, it becomes clear that mankind’s fate is anything but secure…

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This Manga is not what comes to your mind when you hear the titel or look at the cover. You may think of a mutated chicken whaterver killing people in the future. Well at the beginning ist seems like it's going in this direction. But Chicken George gets more and more intelligent and in a way manlike. So the story turns after a few chapters from horror to a "Death Note like" thrilling duel between the mastermind Chicken George and mankind.  I don,t want to go in a detailed describtion of the story. However it gets sometimes really strage featuring a species of parasites created to wipe out humanity, all kinds of robots, tyrannosaurus attacks, Media conspiracy, inverted cross shaped UFOs and so on. Everytime you think you have got an idea in which direction the polt goes somethink supriseing pops up random and you are as confused as before. In my opinion One of the most Important negative aspects is the art. It is detailed and supports the horror elements. But it seems unfitting in a way to the other(greater) part. Also ist looks a Bit to western Comic style. The two main characters are of cause Chicken George and the president of the United Sates (which are synonymous for mankind). There are chapters from other persons perspective, but this two have the most "screentime". So how much you can enjoy it? Well at first there is not that much horror. But a lot of violence and blood. If you are searching for something Weird, bloody, apocalyptic and often suprising fourteen would be the choice. Well at the end it is really entertaining. In conclusion fourteen was entertaining and likeable different. Well the reread value is not very high because you already know the plot twists.  

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