Four Dangerous Brothers to My Rescue!

Alt title: Gongnyeonimui Wiheomhan Oppadeul

Ch: 100+
2021 - ?
3.419 out of 5 from 205 votes
Rank #32,219
Four Dangerous Brothers to My Rescue!

Warmhearted Lestia has resigned herself to a life of misery under the thumb of her abusive uncle. However, right when things seem to take a turn for the worst, a mysterious boy claiming to be one of her four long-lost brothers appears in the nick of time to save her. After being whisked into a life of luxury, Lestia has her doubts about taking on the Verchester name. But after the discovery of her latent magical powers, Lestia starts to accept two strange truths: She is a true Verchester, and she has a destiny to fulfill.

Source: Tapas

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It's a beautiful story about the MC growing up with her new found family and learning how to be a true noble.  Warning: May contain mild spoilers Story- The reasons you may like this plot- The plot is slow paced and there isn't a lot of time skip unlike other manhwas in which the MC gets accustomed to her surroundings a lot faster and grows up in fewer chapters as well so you can enjoy the MC's initial innocence in this one with a slow paced plot The MC is a rare genius  The brothers aren't obsessed with her from the start just because she is their SISTER but come to like her because of reasons that they explain in the story The plot seems interesting and there's always some kind of secret or something in the story which makes you think  The MC is humble and innocent but can also stand up for others The reasons you may dislike this plot- The MC keeps thinking she isn't part of the family The plot hasn't really progressed other than showing the relationship between her brothers and her Characters- The MC may seem humble and weak but she can be stubborn and bold as well when it comes to doing something she really wants to do. But other than that, she is really humble and keeps apologising and is delicate mentally and gets easily hurt by words said by others. She still thinks she isn't part of the family and that one day they will find out she is a fake.  The other brothers are really well written and one thing I wanted to say about them was that I liked how for the first time, they just seem like children, well children of a noble family but still they don't act like they are above the world and will kill for the sake of killing people etc. I said first time cuz all the manhwas I have read till now the brothers are all tyrant. No doubt the brothers in this manhwa would also kill if their sister is harmed but they aren't that arrogant and don't seem like tyrants.  Also, the brothers have their reasons why they came to like their sister which is mentioned in the story and they have their own well written personalities. Like the oldest brother is the perfectionist. As the one with the most responsibility, he expects perfection from his other siblings as well and is very strict. The second oldest is a nice, jolly person who seems like the typical nice guy who knows how to comfort children and take care of them. The third oldest is the cool guy who likes having fun and completely disregards etiquettes and manners. He is childish who needs more comfort than he can give. The youngest is cold and icy and really mysterious. He seemed like the type who would make the MC cry but somehow was able to get the closest to her. He can really hurt her sometimes though without meaning to or perhaps he means to.  Anyways, the characters are way better than some other similar manhwas and I think you'd like it if you're interested in reading about brother sister relationship.

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