Fortune Master

Ch: 53
2014 - 2015
3.295 out of 5 from 30 votes
Rank #16,181
Fortune Master

A human girl, a dragon, and a twin brother!? A girl born from a prestigious family. She who loves steel and is loved by steel, Kai Alterion's raison d'être was solely to forge swords. During the talks about suddenly being married, she pulled out her sword and pointed it towards her fiancé! And just like some magnificent fantasy, she became the Master of the Divine Beast.

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A wager made once upon a time, by her father, resulted in her being all but sold as the wife of an overpowered being, the grand duke, and also the Arc Dragon.  Despite a desperate gamble to fight for her freedom, only wishing to be free to create swords and fight with them in a world where human women are looked down on (by other humans) for doing such things, the main character is swiftly trapped in a desperate situation.  The Arc Dragon is a conceited, selfish, terrible being.  Saying things like "This now belongs to me" while refering to the main character.  He is the most unlikable kind of villain you will read in these sorts of stories and is in no way a healthy or romantic love interest.  While the art is unique and gorgeous, the world building has potential and a few of the characters are great and I was attached right away... Slight spoilers for why I think this is completely terrible: Rather than 'like some magnificent fantasy, she became the Master of the Divine Beast' (what kind of fake summary-) 'Divine Beasts' are beings who take the form of anthropomorphic animals (furries) or humans and she's been the 'Master' of some since she was a small girl because they admired her talent with metal.  They were more like friends than anything else.  I stubbornly held out waiting for that 'suddenly' part because I was hoping it would be something to get her out of her terrible situation.  Like a sudden, new ability that would save her from her fate to be the plaything of a disgusting old dragon man.  Nup.  It's so bad, she hates it so much, she tries to commit suicide only to be stopped by the guy who caught her about to do it and called her foolish- anyway that is where I had to drop it.  What a ****.  He wasn't even concerned.  No, he SLAPPED HER for almost KILLING HERSELF and then promptly started to emotionally manipulate her.  What a piece of ****.

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