Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money

Ch: 70+
2022 - ?
4.075 out of 5 from 751 votes
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Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money

Imprisoned for years, Princess Aristine hides her true nature and that she possesses the Emperor’s Eye—a skill to see past, present, and future that the emperor of Silvanus covets. Finally, her chance to escape comes when her father sends her to Ilugo, Silvanus’ enemy nation, as a scapegoat to incite war under the guise of an arranged marriage to Ilugo’s second prince, a known barbarian. Now ready to take the reins to her life, will Aristine be able to make money to support her freedom?

Source: Tapas

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This is a mess of tropes. I don’t think there’s a named female character (other than the lead) that isn’t catty or evil, the Aristine has stupidly tragic backstory and a family that vehemently hates her for no good reason, and she’s entered an arranged marriage where ‘aren’t going to fall love and are going to divorce' because theyre just business partners. its idiotic and predictable and handed to the reader on a plate. On the other hand, I don't think anyone started reading this expecting nuance or a well thought out plotline, so how harshly can I judge? It's fun and the art is ridiculously pretty. The politics are a joke and written by someone who has the loosest grasp of the concept, but it’s very hard to write interesting political intrigue, and honestly everyone’s just here to see romance and the Aristine be badass. There’s an effort to include roundabout court-speech, but it’s honestly so funny because it’s so cliche.  Some evil aristocrat: wow you’re so brave for riding in a carriage all this way  Aristine, narrating: see you might think this is nice but it's not! What they’re REALLY saying is that I'm poor! But you underestimate me Everyone else: omg such a diss, she looks so stupid standing there hehehehe Aristine: Well you see I did it to observe the countryside, what kind of queen would I be if I didn't understand the plight of the peasants? Everyone: GASP! What a fucking comeback, I guess she’s not a pushover like we all thought  Literal comedy, I swear. Iguro, the country Tarkan (ml) is from, seems to be loosely Indian inspired(?), although still a lot of christian stuff for some reason. If so, I wish they’d kept Tarkan’s skin a little darker like in the promo. All of their skin should be darker technically, except the Aristine ig cuz she was locked in a dungeon for 10 yrs or something.  I’m pretty sure the author has a thing for size differences with the way their hands are drawn and how everyone and their mother mentions how small and petite she is. And then their height difference disappears when they kiss. Hmmmm.  Also I’m certain the Aristine’s mannerisms and inability to read faces are written to be cute and funny and there’s no way this was the intention, but the Aristine seems a little autistic to me. Speaking of probably accidental representation, there’s no way the red headed knight Durante isn’t gay. I simply refuse to believe that man is straight with how he acts around Tarkan.  You cannot take this manhua seriously and I’m having a blast reading it. 

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