Forbidden Love: Therianthropic Omegaverse

Alt title: Kinai: Kemonohito Omegaverse

Vol: 2; Ch: 9
2018 - 2022
3.246 out of 5 from 298 votes
Rank #33,544
Forbidden Love: Therianthropic Omegaverse

Maya is an albino half-beast omega who was sold into slavery as a child and has spent years in confined captivity, prized as a rare and valuable "messenger of the gods". His royal captor's son, the alpha beast man Bard, has been warned never to touch him, but when the prince discovers Maya locked in a shed in the forest, he learns the lonely, isolated young man hasn't even been taught to speak. He's immediately attracted to the beautiful omega and begins visiting him in secret, bringing him food and attempting to teach him how to communicate; but when Maya goes into heat, will Bard be able to fight his desire?

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Now this manga was pretty story driven; despite it only having nine chapters. The romance, the drama, the characters, the art, it was all done quite well. Baldo and Maja having a meet since childhood gives the story a nice start. The way Baldo develops Maja to trust him through kindness...and grapes. There is also plenty of trauma that Maja has had to deal with since childhood - from being taken away from his mother to being treated like a slave. However, their love for each other was so strong that Baldo turned his back on his kingdom in order to save Maja from being sacrificed; and Maja desires Baldo's children to never be alone again. Baldo is shown to having to make difficult decisions not only to make Maja happy and keep him in his life, but also to make up for his mistakes of turning his back on his people. And their children, Adel and Hans, are just adorable (like all wolf pups are). Though I kind of wish King Mischa and Fritz got a bit more screen time. And I'm glad to see that in the end, Baldo and Maja were able to stay together in the little house in the woods, while their children got a the luxury that came with being royalty.The story is good at highlighting all the trauma and troubles of their world. Besides wanting it to be a little longer, there wasn't enough intimate moments, and I also wished that they kept it uncensored; when things are censored, it's never fun to see. It may basically be "beastiality", but it was greenlighted and created for a reason. So keep it uncensored, if you please. I don't know if other people will like it, but I suppose they should at least give it a chance.

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