Forbidden Fruit BL Fairy Tale: One-Inch Boy

Alt title: Kindan♂BL Otogibanashi: Issun-boshi

One Shot
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Forbidden Fruit BL Fairy Tale: One-Inch Boy

Upon praying to god to grace them with a child, an infertile couple receives a child no larger than an inch tall! But despite being only one-inch tall, he's sex-crazed, and even tries to take his own mother! Furious, his father chases him out of the house. Setting off in a tea cup, his boat is overturned in the stormy night. He's saved by a princess, the Haru Princess, but it turns out the Princess is actually a man! Issun pays such things little mind and starts investigating down there, trying to make the princess his bride. Using his tiny body, he employees many erotic techniques. And don't miss it when Issun conquers a demon in the most original way you've ever seen! You are sure to enjoy this new, adult One-Inch Boy!

Source: Renta

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