Forbidden Fruit

Alt title: Otouto no Hanayome

Vol: 1
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Forbidden Fruit

Leonie was about to marry the man she loved when tragedy struck and fate took her fiancé from her. She’s still heavy with grief when she finds that her late fiancé left her something—the baby growing inside her. Once word gets out, her late fiancé’s older brother, Giles Kent, wants custody of the baby in order to raise it as the next heir in the Kent family. To avoid taking the baby away from its mother, Giles suggests marriage. Leonie is reluctant to marry a man who’s shown her nothing but hostility. But she reluctantly agrees and soon the baby will be born. Giles proves to be quite supportive, but Leonie wants more. Could there be something more going on between them?

Source: Harlequin

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