For Your Love - Part 2

Alt title: For Your Love Season 1.5

Ch: 30
2018 - 2019
4.289 out of 5 from 541 votes
Rank #377
For Your Love - Part 2

Second Season of For Your Love.

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fuck man, this manga is so damned cute. their personalies are so witty and unique, the story is fun and i didn't get bored at all. i love the main characters and even side characters, its all too good. the art is so perfect and really hits the spot. i never really do like romances where at first one of the main characters like someone else, but this one just hit me different. i love how their relationship just flows, it feels like they're real people. the dialogue is not even that bad, its really good compared to these other shitty romances. their expressions and the phrases they say makes me feel like they're real people and not just robots or the generic characters you see in other manhwas. i definitely recommend this, weather its your first time reading bl or your a long time veteran of it. at first i feel like it was slow (for me) but it didn't really matter since i was so attached to the characters already. you really see their development as people and their relationship too. what i didn't like though was the confession scene, i do really appreciate how it was different from what you normally see but i just didn't like how the green haired guy (sorry i forgot his name lmao) thought his crush was a hallucination, it made me really weirded out, it made me feel creeped out, i felt uncomfortable and thats what i really dont like to feel towards a character. i became unsubmerged out of  the scene, i even started to feel slightly disgusted, but the expressions, art and dialogue smoothed it over soon after. they're so cute i cant get over it. definitely my favourite manga yet, sorry for the long review!!

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