For the Sake of Sita

Alt title: Sita Wihayeo

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2013 - 2014
4.077 out of 5 from 205 votes
Rank #3,868
For the Sake of Sita

A medical student passionately falls in love with a fallen goddess during his volunteer abroad in Nepal, and he desperately tries to fight off destiny to save his love.

Source: Webtoon

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For the sake of Sita - Sita Wihayeo Are you willing to give up your (...)? This is a beautiful and slightly sad story about a doctor who is afraid of blood and therefore escapes from his fears in Korea towards Nepal. In Nepal he meets the young woman named Sita who is working in the red light district. It is love at first sight for both and they quickly married each other and moved to Korea. Unfortunately doesn’t last their happiness forever. The doctor prays to the Gods to help him, he is willing to give everything, his breath, voice and heart. Luckily answers the Goddess Taleju the prayers of the doctor and gives him a second chance to avoid the horrible outcome which happened first. But there are a few twists, first of all he has aged allot and secondly ...well I can’t say that or Ill spoil the story. ;) Anyways in the second attempt we watch Sita grow up but instead of in the red light district she aims to become a Kurami. A Kurami is supposed to be the vessel for the Goddess Taleju which isn’t that fun of a task as it first seems. Shall the doctor succeed in rescuing his marriage? What would you be willing to give up to save your love? This is a touching story about the life of Sita and the doctor his choices. The artwork is good and I like the comic relief  / cute faces which are drawn occasionally. And the manwha is in full color which is always nice. There are basically only two characters, Sita and the doctor, I believe his name hasn’t been given. They got enough depth, you feel their pain. Overall, this is a good romance / tragedy manwha which also covers the somewhat strange but fascinating Nepal’s religion around Taleja. And thank god pedobear didn’t show up, but it was close.


It's very obvious that the artwork was done digitally, especially with the shading which just throws patches of colors together. I'm sure it's a shading technique that can make things look super cool if done properly, but this manhwa doesn't quite have it mastered yet. So it just looks off. The wrists are bent weird and faces, especially the laughing faces, can be drawn badly. The only real benefit it has is that it's full color. The pacing isn't quite right. It'll slow down at parts, but then speed through other parts which should probably have received more attention. And to top it all off, it feels like the time travel aspect to the story was entirely pointless. I mean, I guess it adds in a poetic fatalism to the story which wouldn't have been there otherwise, but when Sangmin says "Thank you...for allowing me to achieve what I wanted" at the end I felt confused. What exactly was it he wanted and how did he achieve it? In the beginning, it's implied that he wanted to be able prevent Sita getting a deadly disease, but if he did that, I must've missed that part of the story. Or are we meant to assume that he simply wanted to spend more time with her? In which case, I guess that happened but that feels pretty anticlimactic. And the final interaction with the goddess in the end, with him being satisfied, made the entire time travel detour feel especially pointless. Or are we supposed to assume that he had some epiphanies that wouldn't have occurred without the time travel? If so, again, the story didn't make them very clear. Overall, the story felt slipshod in its presentation and in its planning, which made the reading experience more of a hassle than enjoyable--to the point that I can't even justify rating it a 2/10.

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