For Persephone (Novel)

Alt title: Persephone Wihayeo (Novel)

Vol: 2; Ch: 17
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For Persephone (Novel)

“Demeter hid you away so well… I had a lot of trouble finding you.” Persephone’s cloak was peeled off by the man’s sinewy hand. Her shoulders shivered due to the chills. The tightness in her chest was overwhelming, and the hem of the chiton rolled up to the stomach in no time. Persephone could only perceive his voice. “Persephone.” Persephone, the man called her name. His tongue and warm breath were licking the nape of her neck while he uttered the syllables of her name. “Why are you acting like a scared sheep? Didn’t you say you were not afraid?”

Source: NU

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