For My Weirdo

Ch: 65
2020 - 2021
4.069 out of 5 from 131 votes
Rank #8,322
For My Weirdo

Yoowol is a sensitive and vulnerable musician scraping his way through college. While haunted by his family's nightmarish tragedies, he is hunted down by the loan shark Jung-won, who has been keeping him in a forced relationship. Yoowol struggles with an urge to end his life, thinking he has finally reached his breaking point. Enter Yoon-gyeol, a weirdo offering to help him out. The hotshot CEO claims to know his pain, and crazily enough, he seems madly in love with him! Yoowol knows that kindness comes at a price. Will he accept Yoon-gyeol’s offer and find the will to live?

Source: TappyToon

Includes 5 extra chapters.

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ART, the art style is very excellent, but what makes it special is that the artist put many specifics into each of the characters' body parts, and the most important thing about the artist's art style is that it can really expressed the sitautions and the emotions just by looking at the characters' postures & facial expressions without looking at the texts, you can just easily guess the emotions and the situations' atmostpheres, the only thing I don't really like is that it does not really fit my art style type that much. **normally I am a very picky person when it comes to art styles. CHARACTERS & STORY, the characters are also very excellent, the 3 characters in the story & the story itself included every emotions in humans' hearts you can ever think of, angerness, fearness, happiness, sadness. I really like how the author chose a personality side for each character; in the story, all of the characters have their own unique personality sides, not just a personality side that is in the "middle," as other stories' characters are set as.  PLOT SUMMARY, the story talks about not trusting the person you love because of your own traumas from the past, even if that person is already there for you, waiting to embrace you with their past stories, their uniqueness, and the love they have for you. RECOMMENDATIONS, the story is very good from my opinion, I would recommend this to readers who loves to read complicated stories, and readers who are able to read stories with power of emotions. I would not recommend this to readers who want to read stories for fun, comforting, and readers who are sensitive with emotions. WARNING(S) (might be count as spoilers to some people): S*ICIDAL THOUGHTS, D*PRESSION, R*PE, ABUSIVE ACTS, TOXICNESS, VERBAL ABUSES ***I HAVE NO INTENTION OF DESTROYING THE INSPIRATIONS AND IMPULIONS OF ARTISTS AND AUTHORS; I HAVE ENJOYED EVERY PIECES OF WORK THAT ALL AUTHORS AND ARTISTS CREATED, SO PLEASE KEEP GOING IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS***

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