For My Derelict Favorite (Novel)

Alt title: Beoryeojin Naui Choeaereul Wihayeo (Novel)

Ch: 147
2021 - 2022
4.325 out of 5 from 88 votes
Rank #278
For My Derelict Favorite (Novel)

I entered my favorite romance-fantasy novel, which I have read many times. Thanks to the body of a wealthy commoner, I bought the status of a fallen aristocrat, attended a noble family’s gathering and observed the romance of the characters in the original novel. I wanted to return to the real world after witnessing the ending. But somehow, even after the ending, I was not freed from the body I possessed and remained living in the original novel. As a result, I acquired the stories behind the scenes that I refused to comprehend. My favorite sub male lead, Caelus, has died. Living impoverished in the original work without him, I eventually fell ill and died. Now, I wanted to return to reality. However, the irony of fate has returned me to the end of the novel overnight. This is definitely… to save my beloved, right?

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