Vol: 4; Ch: 73
2016 - 2017
4.482 out of 5 from 974 votes
Rank #338

For college senior Edward, friends and relationships have always been a bit of a nuisance until he meets Justin, the peppy new freshman eager to be his friend...or more?

Source: Tapas

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This felt like the longest, slowest read in my life, there's a high chance you'll get bored but also wanna continue coz of how non-stereotypical the characters are (in the BL world that is). Fools is one of those Korean college campus BLs with a whopping 74 chapters, yet there's no overly exaggerated characters which could be why the MCs' simple appeals are able to hook you into this slice-of-lifey story.   It took around 40 chapters for the two main to be together even tho they were slightly aware of each other's feelings before. Jeongwoo learned of the rumours going on about Eungi's past relationship with ex-guitar club president Helen and decided to suppress his feelings coz of that in those chapters, Eungi was a straight lad who also started developing feelings for Jeongwoo but since he's not the type to talk much he ALSO decided to drag things out.    That pretty much covers it for the first half of the story, after realising their feelings were mutual we go in-depth to the baggages their exes have imposed on them for the second half, there's a bit of drama but all's well after this is settled and the two then travel to Eungi's hometown Busan. The ending is really heartwarming... IF you're wondering why they couldn't recognise the face they saw from few years ago it's prolly due to Eungi's astigmatism & Jeongwoo's post-heartbreak doldrums. With that said the title could also refer to the two liking each other despite being different, legit fools in love.  In conclusion, fools is a SLOW but REWARDING read, sure it gets boring overtime but the ending is fucking wholesome that's reason enough for you to stick around. Attention were also given to other side couples, from unhealthy (Mike X Helen) to a one-sided crush-turned-couple (Joohyun X forgot his name) to hints of potential romance (Kyungjoon X Jeongwoo's sis). 

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