FOG (Novel)

Ch: 132
2019 - 2020
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FOG (Novel)

Yu Sui and Shi Luo met each other when they were much younger. One was a pro-gamer, a widely-renowned, best of the best, in-game medic. The other was an e-sports newcomer who was just starting out. The two originally played for the same team, during which their relationship became increasingly deep. But things did not go as expected. Yu Sui went to Europe and Shi Luo changed his in-game job to become a striker. The two belonged to different teams and different divisions, with oceans between them, each doing wonderfully... They had become two tigers on separate mountains. The last thing anyone expected was for Yu Sui to return to the domestic league two years later. There was no way to avoid it and the two met once again.

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An honestly light-hearted and good e-sport read. Shi Lou, MC, is thrust into the world of professional gaming with his superstar mentor Yi Sui(ML) leading the way. They become twin stars in the game of fog until everything collapses and he is abandoned by the one he trusts the most. Beyond the gaming bits it somewhat tackles the culture and politics of the industry.  The actual Gameplay and mechanics were not particularly complicated or groundbreaking. In fact the matches often felt repetitive and the strategies limited(i.e no major surprises). The netizen/fan culture trope and spraying gag might have been over kill but made sense in setting up the stakes. It felt melodramatic at times but it added to the idea of being a professional player and mental stress of it all.The lead up to the championship, games and rivalries in general were kind of tedious and repetitive to a degree. The true focus here was the the relationships of the teams and players behind the scenes. This is a story centered around friendship, comraderie and perserverance. The intergration of romance in the midst of everything was lovely. The MC and the ML go through a rollercoaster that starts of a little angsty and grows progressively sappy and sweet. It  really epitomizes the joys young love and the pacing suits that. The dynamic between them is  refreshing and age appropriate. They are good guys who care about each other. They are by  definition  hot,respectful,not overbearing or  cold but thoughtful and caring and reliable. Consent and respect were good to see.   I was personally more invested towards the beginning. The misunderstandings were a bit flimsy to me  but it was fun to witness the fluffiest of fluff and the overall story was nice.

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