Flower and the Beast

Alt title: Kkocheul Mun Jimseung

Ch: 120
2019 - 2021
4.078 out of 5 from 1,163 votes
Rank #2,139
Flower and the Beast

Could this all perhaps be Hwayeon's dream? Or did Yeonu create this fantasy world in her head to escape her harsh reality?" Hwayeon Ryu, without knowing the cause, falls into a coma at the age of six. Then after 12 long years of her father, Chung Ryu's persistent attempts, she finally opens her eyes. As she wakens from her prolonged sleep, she realizes she not only has her memories but has the memories of someone else's life, Yeonu Lee. Though started at first, as time passes, she manages to adjust to her new life. Then one day, in hope to have lunch with her father, she pays a visit to the palace. But she ends up taking the wrong turn and finds herself in front of the notorious beast, crown prince Muyeong... The story unfolds then, when the soft and delicate flower Hwayeon meets the arrogant and fearless beast, Muyeong.

Source: Pocket Comics

Includes 32 side stories chapters.

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If you're into possessive male leads, a wholesome family dynamic, or something humorous, this is the manhwa for you. Flower and the Beast falls under my guilty fave otome isekai list for everything that it's criticized for. Almost all of the tropes that I love are here and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I like the cool and powerful male lead with red hair that drops everything for the female lead. I love how the FL's family dotes on her and treasures her the way she deserves because we're tired of seeing abusive family relationships. I love that this is drawn as humorously as possible because it lightens up the story a lot. People criticize this for not having enough plot or having little to no character development. I think those are valid criticisms but at the core of it, this is a love story. Sometimes, a little suspension of belief is needed especially when the premise is quite ridiculous. I mean, the FL wakes up from a 12-year coma and is unaware that the man that she is seeing every night is the elusive crown prince who is clearly in love with her? Bro. So yeah, I would say that there are some elements here that we should take for granted. I do like the FL though. She's tough but she's not too independent and honestly, the fact that she's kind and caring is enough for me. Women could be kind and caring in fiction and it shouldn't be taken against them. Some people would think she's a doormat but I think her personality is sweet and fair but rigid when the situation calls for it. Props to her. She isn't a doormat, she just doesn't choose violence with every interaction she gets. The ML is cute! He's the walking equivalent of "no thoughts, head empty" except when it comes to the FL. For her, he would exhaust all two of his brain cells to guarantee that they end up together (with her consent, of course). I find how he reacts towards her to be very sweet and I appreciate that he tries to understand the reasons behind his behavior, without forcing his feelings onto her from the get-go. Contrary to how he's portrayed, he's actually quite cunning when the situation calls for it but he prefers violence and murder because it requires fewer steps to execute. The art is a step above average and one below pretty good but I don't notice it because I only care about how the ML and FL are drawn. And they're drawn attractively! Everyone else is drawn for the sole purpose of humor, with the artist resorting to cartoonish styles and exaggerated facial expressions. I didn't mind it since it only improved the funny bits, especially between the emperor and the chancellor.  Reviewed at Chapter 92.

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