Flirty Boss, No!

Alt title: Duikang Huaxin Shangsi

Ch: 100
2019 - 2020
3.195 out of 5 from 72 votes
Rank #26,127
Flirty Boss, No!

A story about Cinderella and her prince with bad temper.

Source: MangaToon

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This is a story about a young girl, with a backstory that's not so great, and a boss who is super mean and doesn't deserve the girl.  During these 96+ chapters, you come to realize that nothing happens. The boss doesn't know anything about her past, in which should've happened around chapter 40 to move everything along. The misconceptions between the girl and the step brother never even out because the girl doesn't make the boss understand.  The girl is bullied by her coworkers, keeps everything inside. This doesn't help the plot flow.  The girl has beautiful purple hair and blue eyes, that are very charming and well drawn.  PAST- The mother just leaves her to marry, awful!!! Her dad died, mis-treated by step-family  PAST OF BOSS- All you really know is that he's really smart, answered questions that no one could, and is giving up the company to his older brother Because things are left unsolved between the two characters, the story repeats itself every chapter. as the boss says mean things to her and she just lets it happen without doing anything. These are just their personalities, but character development is crucial.  There's this person that has a crush on her, her colleage, and i think they suit each other more.  This manga has a lot of problems, it mught be too late to fix this manga, but i'm holding onto hope so i will read the upocming chapters. The art style is very nice for the girl lead, but every body else is ordinary. Problems keep coming, sometimes the very same problems as before. 

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