Finding Mr. Right

Alt titles: Cinderella Girls, Ichiya no Koi Kaimasu, Namida no Suu dake Aishite, The Billionaire Date, The Husband Project, The Playboy Assignment

Vol: 3
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Finding Mr. Right

Kit has been put in charge of the PR for a charity fashion show. Two models disappear right before the show, and although she fills in for them at the last minute, the show ends in utter failure. The chairman of the event, Jarrett, arrogantly demands that she fundraise fifty thousand dollars in one month to make up for the lost donations. Jarrett is the owner of one of the biggest lingerie companies in America, and he is sexy enough to appear in advertisements with his models. “I know!” Kit has an idea. “I’ll plan a bachelor auction and make him join, too! If it’s successful, I’ll be able to raise the funds and get my revenge!” 

Source: Harlequin

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