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Alt titles: Chamajuseyo, Daegong (Novel), Please Be Patient, Grand Duke (Novel)

Finding Camellia (Novel)
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Nov 21, 2022

And I'm finally done! I love every bit of this novel! 💕 The epilogue seemed left a bit hanging but I am content since Lia and Claude's journey ended well. I also love how loyal Ian is! HE DIDN'T MARRY OR FIND ANOTHER LOVER! OMG! I wanna get isekaid and just take him. My poor baby. 🥺 But I am glad on the development afterwards even though he wasn't be able to be with Lia. SUCH A MAN! ❤️ All in all, this is definitely worth reading, and I am looking forward to read this fully in it's manhwa form when it's completed. 

PS. I subscribe to Manta just for this. THIS IS HOW I LOVE IT! 💖

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall