Vol: 9+; Ch: 79+
2001 - ?
4.383 out of 5 from 887 votes
Rank #736

Freelance photographer Akihito Takaba is captured by the very subject he’s been stalking in his viewfinder—the handsome and enigmatic crime lord Ryuichi Asami! The older man ravages him, both body and mind. Does this mean the end for the naive photographer, or will he live to shoot another day?

Source: SuBLime

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IcyAnnie Apr 14, 2016
Score 8/10

This manga is my ultimate guilty pleasure manga. There really aren’t any excuses for why I actually like it, except for the pretty drawings and smut scenes. Takaba Akihito is a freelance photographer, who one day comes into contact with one of Japan’s most dangerous businessmen/gangsters, Asami Ryuichi. Despite everything, they are both infatuated with each other, something that Asami’s... read more

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