Alt title: Kyoufu

Vol: 3; Ch: 20
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Following the life of the student newspaper reporter Emiko, these are scary stories of experiences from Miyako High School. Many of the stories use traditional horror story motifs. In Ubawareta Shinzou (Stolen Heart), the school's mystery club sees the dangerous consequences of an innocent promise concerning heart donation after death between two friends. In Kyuuketsu Men (Bloodsucking Mask), a girl who wears a demon mask from a shrine for a bad-luck-banishing drama club party ends up unable to remove it. In Dokuga (poison moth), the science club leader creates a serum to preserve dead bodies perfectly, but it may have other unpredicted side effects. In Henshitsu, a couple take shelter from a storm in a strange house with a secret that might prove to be deadly.

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