Father, I Don't Want This Marriage

Alt titles: Appa, Na I Gyeolhon An Hallaeyo!, Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!

Ch: 91+
2021 - ?
4.478 out of 5 from 2,430 votes
Rank #983
Father, I Don't Want This Marriage

Juvelian is a villainess so hated by everyone that even her lover and father leave her to die a pitiful death. Just as she’s about to face her fate, she gets the chance to change the course of her story. In order to avoid the tragic end she knows awaits her, she breaks up with her lover and gives up trying to win her father’s love. Instead, she focuses on using his wealth to enjoy her new life to its fullest! But while she prepares for her extravagant life as a lady, her father begins looking for her new suitor. Afraid that he’ll marry her off to the infamously unpredictable and stormy prince, she lands on a desperate solution: a dating contract. And the best candidate is none other than her father’s student.

Source: TappyToon

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I don't understand these Manhwas. If I'm not wrong, the FL has transmigrated to a world from a novel she read right? Then why is she so close to everyone? Why is there a personal bond between the people from the book and her? Why are her memories so personal? I feel like they just added the isekai genre for the heck of it. There would have been no difference in the story if she were the villainess herself but traveled back in time. In fact, I think it would have been more interesting. The entire plot consists of her running away from problems, misunderstanding the only two important characters and cute scenes with the ml which we all love but even that isn't going anywhere. I don't see any character development in her and she is honestly pretty frustrating. She also doesn't try to understand what actually happened in the end of the story and she isn't even a slight bit curious. She basically has the attitude of someone who's just trying to pass by by floating in the water instead of swimming and reaching her goal faster. yes the art was okay, yes the ml was cute, yes the daddy was a good father and yes I did laugh while reading it. But misunderstandings can only be funny for so long and honestly, in 37 chapters there isn't even a single misunderstanding that has been cleared up istg they just keep piling up. still, even though this frustrated me to no end, it wasn't unbearable, so I guess I'll continue reading it after 50 chapters have come out. I enjoyed it enough not to drop it.

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